Systematic Meditation


Meditation is the quiet, one-pointed focus of attention and awareness on one thing. It is the nature of the mind to always be involved with a rapid series of thoughts. Meditation can help us establish a healthy relationship with this wayward child called mind. Meditation can even help us to become aware of the reality beyond the mind: the immortal soul.

With our busy lives, we know full well how to “do”, but we, more often than not, do not know how to “be”. When we tap into the stillness that meditation can provide, our lives become more serene, creative, and fulfilling. We can develop the capacity to improve our health, our relationships, and our skill in performing our everyday activities with the simple mindfulness inherent in the meditation practice. Meditation is the source of the mindfulness practice.


  • Develop Mindfulness!
  • Helps relax muscle tension and the autonomic nervous system.
  • Boosts the immune system.
  • Provides freedom from mental stress.
  • Aids emotional balance.
  • Decreases the need for sleep
  • Enhances creativity
  • Develops a tranquil mind


Many people try to meditate after reading books but don’t generally succeed. This is because the method may not be systematic and because there is no teacher to provide proper instruction in mindful breathing, relaxation, proper posture and, most importantly, working with the mind. Taking a class will allow you the opportunity to be observed and corrected where needed, and to have your questions answered. 

Inner Peace Yoga Center provides such systematic instruction in the mindful practice of meditation. Classes are taught by center founders Charles Crenshaw, M.S., M.Div.W and Carol Crenshaw, M.S. 

Charles and Carol have been practicing meditation for over thirty years each and teaching for over twenty years each, were directly trained by the renowned meditation master, and master of yoga science Sri Swami Rama. They are the authors of EFT for Meditation a book on meditation as it is taught traditionally and Emotional Freedom Techniques.


This workshop will cover the basics needed to start a mindful meditation practice:

  • Breathing And Relaxation Exercises.
  • Being Mindful of  Posture.

We will discuss:

  • The Benefits Of Meditation and Mindfulness.
  • Philosophy Of Meditation.
  • How To Work With The Mind.
  • Prayer and/or Mantra?
  • Setting Up A Daily Meditation Practice.

Next Meditation Seminar session is set for:

To be announced!