200 HR Yoga Teachers Training

In our 200 HR training and in keeping with the Yoga Alliance requirements you will:

  •  Learn to be a highly competent teacher instructing people in:
  •  Postures - perfecting your own and teaching others
  • Learn to teach systematically and safely
  • Learn how to teach yoga as fitness, as therapy, and as    transformation
  •  Learn effective breathing practices, cleansing practices & relaxation      
  •  Learn Meditation and its effect on human development and health      
  •  Hone your skills as a yoga teacher by understanding:
  • Anatomy for yoga, yoga philosophy and psychology,
  • Ayurveda (yoga's sister science) / Diet and Nutrition


The majority of the training will be led by the co-founders of IPYC - Carol & Charles Crenshaw, as well as the current co-directors Andrew & Megan Alam. They have 70+ years of experience between them practicing and teaching yoga, complementary health practices and meditation. 

Carol and Charles have  lived in India; they have studied with yogis, swamis, pandits, philosophers, psychologists, M.D.'s, and energy healers.  Both  hold masters degrees in Eastern Studies/Comparative Psychology/Holistic Health and are E-RYT 500+ Yoga Alliance certified instructors, having personally trained thousands of people. They have been training teachers since 1987 as center directors in New York City, at the Himalayan Institute's national headquarters, and here in Indy. Both are Certified Yoga Therapists.  IAYT Certified

The trainers will also include other esteemed guest teachers such as:

John Peterson, M.D. (Ayurveda Specialist)

John Peterson, M.D. (Integrative Medicine Specialist)

Dave Graf, C.M.T. and Master Integrative Body Work

Jaime Stover-Schmitt, Ed.D., author of Every Woman’s Yoga - Yoga Therapy

Young Park, D.O. (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Fee for training 200 HR is $2995, discount if payment in full
by the start of training. 

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